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Enemy, 1979

Installation comprised of two long walls facing one another, one in red with the word “Enemy” and one in blue with outline of man in front of a lectern. Work was made in 1979

Portrait-Logo Series, 1989

Collection includes: Gillian & Smokey Pete Norris Could Use a Drink Miss Vancouver Bindy Sangeet: Employee of the Month Melly Shum Hates Her Job Garbage Pickers We are Sacred Blade Nancy Nishi, Joe Ping Chau: Real Estate Ask for Larry Myers A Woodcutter and His Wife 1989 Alex Gonzalez Loves his Mother and Father Here […]

Furniture Sculptures (1978 to present), 2017

Sculpture for Dreamhome (1980) My Arms are Ready to Embrace the Universe with Love (Four pulled out hide-a-beds) 1983 Red Circle (1986) Mirror Corner with Cushions (1985 Cushion dinghy (1987) Sculpture for living room/public lounge (1978) Partially buried sofa (1984) Tower of Love(seats) (1987) Untitled Furniture Sculpture Line (1986) Orange Sculpture in figure 8 Untitled […]

Walk Piece, 1978

Performance at Simon Fraser University lasting 8 AM to 5 PM non-stop, bracketing the typical academic day.  The performance takes place at a site visible from many different vantage points, owing to SFU’s myriad of elevated walkways.  By walking back and forth, I hoped to embody the actions of a swinging pendulum to a clock. […]