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Shopkeeper Series, 2001

Collection Includes: Shirley’s Bakery Paul’s Auto Repair Superior Drapery Sandhu’s Maple Leaf Parvi Fresh Meat & Poultry McGill & Son Ebony Eyes Amir New and Used Leonida Pizzeria Kim Mart Taj Kabab Bauer Sausage Mondo Nudo Grace Chung Financial Michael Hassan: Leaving Law Danny’s Shoe Re-Nu Installation view Superior Drapery Jim & Susan’s Motel Maple […]

Furniture Sculptures (1978 to present), 2017

Sculpture for Dreamhome (1980) My Arms are Ready to Embrace the Universe with Love (Four pulled out hide-a-beds) 1983 Red Circle (1986) Mirror Corner with Cushions (1985 Cushion dinghy (1987) Sculpture for living room/public lounge (1978) Partially buried sofa (1984) Tower of Love(seats) (1987) Untitled Furniture Sculpture Line (1986) Orange Sculpture in figure 8 Untitled […]

Pi, 2006

Pi deals with the subject of statistics referring to the world with numerical information. Numerous mirrored panels are fixed to the side of walls in the 180 meter long Karlsplatz passageway in downtown Vienna, each furnished with a piece of etched writing. LED displays are mounted under each of these headlines. Based on statistical data […]

Strip mall series, 2009

Collection includes: Drake Plaza 117 Dwight Eisenhower BLVD Plaza 88 International Food Center Midway Shopping Plaza Norgate Shopping Center Kings Mall

CCA Kitakyushu Exhibition: I Wish I Had More Friends, 2001

2001 Exhibition at Center for Contemporary Art Kitakyushu, Japan. The exhibition featured common Japanese publicity and advertising lettering along with cartoon figures that featured texts from despondent voices.

See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil, 2001

This is a permanent public work sited in the information room (or library) of the National Museum of Ethnology (Museum Volkenkunde) in Leiden, The Netherlands on the occasion of the museum’s sesquicentennial. ┬áThe work references Jules Virey, a French anthropologist highly popular at the time of the founding of the museum who argued that human […]

Four Boats Stranded: Red and Yellow, Black and White, 2000

Taking into account several important attributes of the Vancouver Art Gallery’s site, this work serves as a direcitonal geographical and historical marker. The four installed boats include scaled down versions of a First Nations Longboat, Camptain Vancouver’s ship, the Komagata Maru (the infamous 1914 Indian immigrant ship) and a cargo ship that recently carried migrants […]