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Middelheim Museum, Antwerp Exhibition, 2021

Time. And Again., is the title of the exhibition of 5 billboard scaled works presented along the Scheldt River promenade of Antwerp, Belgium. The exhibition theme is work in relation to time during pandemic days.

Screenplays, 2020

I teach a seminar course at Penn titled “The Chinese Body and Spatial Production in Chinatown.” The course recalls for me a long held idea I have had for a screenplay. I have never before written a screenplay and was unaware of screenwriting software until I had completed my script. The original script was 276 […]

Sketches of my children Linus and Linnea, 2020

I tried my hand at Instagram for a few months. I posted a photo once a day and every so often on a regular basis posted a sketch of either of my children. Until then, I hadn’t drawn in a long, long time. I tried to be creative with IG, often writing a mini-essay per […]

The Retired Plough Horse and the Last Pulled Log, 2020

This was a successfully completed proposal for the Kings Crossing development in a suburb of Vancouver, BC. It is sited on a prominent corner along the primary route for the transportation of agricultural and other resource goods from the hinterland areas to the city of Vancouver. The sculpture proposed is of an old draught horse […]