Other Works

Middelheim Museum, Antwerp Exhibition, 2021

Time. And Again., is the title of the exhibition of 5 billboard scaled works presented along the Scheldt River promenade of Antwerp, Belgium. The exhibition theme is work in relation to time during pandemic days.

Screenplays, 2020

I teach a seminar course at Penn titled “The Chinese Body and Spatial Production in Chinatown.” The course recalls for me a long held idea I have had for a screenplay. I have never before written a screenplay and was unaware of screenwriting software until I had completed my script. The original script was 276 […]

Sketches of my children Linus and Linnea, 2020

I tried my hand at Instagram for a couple months. I posted a photo once a day and every so often on a regular basis posted a sketch of either of my children. Until then, I hadn’t drawn in a long, long time. I tried to be creative with IG, often writing a mini-essay per […]